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From the time of booking our wedding limousine I could tell that Hummer Hire Sydney would take care of us and they did! Thank you so much for looking after us on our wedding day, I would recommend you guys to any one. — Sarmaad & Lisa

The Right Driver Helps Improve Your Hummer Experience

When hiring a Hummer limo in Sydney, it’s important that the driver is not only properly trained but knows how to treat you and your guests. The driver is not only the face of the company when he or she picks you up, but they are also the person who represents you for the night. Before contracting with a limo company, ask a few questions to make sure the driver will help improve the experience.

Chauffeur Experience and Training

A chauffeur doesn’t need years of experience to provide stellar service, but a more experienced driver will have dealt with a number of different situations over the years and knows how to handle the situations without stressing you or your guests. A good driver will know a variety of routes in busy areas, ensuring that you arrive and leave on time from your destination. They should also know where there are places to stop should you have an emergency or need to pick up an item, such as headache medicine or a snack.

If you end up with a brand new driver, check that they’ve received proper training. This includes not only the road and driving tests they must take, but also training on how to provide proper service to clients. With the right training, any driver can seem like they have years of experience even if it’s their first night on the job.

Communicating with the Driver

While the driver will have all of the details for the night, it’s still important that you communicate your needs. Most drivers are more than willing to work with your should of a change of plans occur as long as you tell them what you want. Drivers are also more willing and able to help when you treat them in a friendly manner while making requests.

If your driver seems aggravated or disinterested in working with you, make sure you speak to the limo company about your experience. While the driver can’t make the impossible happen, like allowing you extra hours with the limo for free, they should be able to handle small requests such as making stops or picking a friend up at a separate location. It’s the driver’s job to make sure that you have a fantastic night.

No matter which type of limo you rent, a great driver can make or break the experience. Make sure you’re comfortable with the chauffeur before leaving for the night. If you have any concerns, you should speak with the limo company before using the rental.

If you need Hummer hire Sydney services, we hope you’ll consider our company. We have a great reputation, gorgeous Hummers, and qualified and professional staff.

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